My Sweet Willie’s Birthday

The bright rays of the morning sun That penetrated through the pink-floral window curtains and the singing of the birds forced me to pull out of my cosy bed, darting to the bathroom, I turned on the bath knob and entered the bath tab to soak myself clean. There after I flamboyantly put my best … Continue reading My Sweet Willie’s Birthday


Darkness approached like a fire extinguisher as the blood red setting sun rolled beneath the hills at sundowns around the vicinity of Serena Hotel. The gentle evening breeze hissed gently sending forth an aura of serenity. My heart leapt with joy as thoughts of the club party recollected in my mind. I was ready to … Continue reading DANCE PARTY AT SUNDOWNS IN SERENA HOTEL


I sat in the sitting room filled with disillusionment about Chamberlin, the apple of my eye, for whom I had endless admirations. He had a boxer's body and was a beautiful gentleman, who had stolen my pride and later threw it to the wolves. At first sight, he seemed to show little emotions and lived … Continue reading A DREAM COME TRUE

My Dream Sweet Heart

Romantic Love Stories At a distance I noticed that Leah was a slender, beautiful queen with round eyes and dimpled cheeks. As she walked into the hold, I caught sight of her revealing slit that left me feeling sexually attracted to her. I contemplated the sexy queen while scratching my brain and in a spur … Continue reading My Dream Sweet Heart


" Tick-tock-tick-tick," it was 8:00 am when the sun was beginning to become slightly stronger, which sent me sun bathing, as I was cosily seated on our home ramshackle bamboo chair on the balcony of our storeyed building deeply grossed in a horde of thoughts; about my hand in glove boyfriend - Kushen, when I … Continue reading WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY


The sky had closed it's eyes and only faint distant sounds of life could be heard. Occasionally, I could hear the hollow song of the mortar and pestle pounding away into the depth of the night. In the wee hours of the morning, I could further hear the toads humming in the twilight in a … Continue reading MY WEDDING DAY WAS MEMORABLE


It was a hazy sunrise on one Saturday of the September holiday. The birds were busy as usual chirping on the trees that surrounded our domicile. Sighting the specks of light into my room, I woke up feeling sick and lazy. I then made for the bathroom, soaked myself fresh, and without a moment's delay, … Continue reading MY SWEET LIZZ