This site is partially devoted to the writing of love and romantic poems in free verse specifically by lovers in a relationship or marriage. It’s a loving inspirational poems to always ponder about as we sail together in this life. Each poem is unique on its on merit as it communicates a specific message of an expression of love by the speaker to his/her beloved one. The site also decodes: Romantic Love Stories, Romantic Counselling, Parenting, Health and guidance, Adventure Travel Stories as well as Classic Gospel Audio Records ( MP3s ) that appear as additional site pages, in addition to the celebration of curvy beautiful women photos.

Free Verse Poetry

Until the 19th century almost all lines in poetry use a strict rhyme scheme and a metre pattern, eventually however, poets begun to abandon the old poetic rules and writing free verse. Free verse is only free in the sense that it is liberated from previously established formal rules. Poets writing free verse still pay closer attention to the sound and rhythm of their lines to rhythmic rise and fall of their voice, to pauses and to the balance between long and short lines and to the repetition of words or lines.

Free verse is not metrical, it may be rhymed or unrhymed and the word free is used to indicate that it is free from metrical implication or rhyme scheme. Doing without these elements, the poet writing on free verse relies on other means to engage and sustain the reader’s attention. e.g. the poet may rely on the ability to select pauses, and is able to break off a line at whatever point he dims important – a privilege that may not be available to the poet writing a conventional sonnet who has to break off each line after each ten syllables.

The poet writing free verse may use line breaks to lend emphasis and the poet may put them at points he/she wishes to call the reader’s attention. The poet may make the most of the idea of a line by setting a word all alone on a line. This would make it stand out than it would probably do in a line of pentameter ( 10 syllables ). Many poems in free verse have much more in common than what may be noted. e.g. to the poet working on free verse line length can be valuable, additionally, the poet may create new things to his or her poetry using various sound patterns. e.g. repetition to make a memorable reading or even parallel structure. The main point in free verse is letting a poem seek its own shape as it goes along.

Romantic Love Stories

Here we explore a celebration of true imaginative romantic love stories as a narrative of the author depicting true love scenarios . Romantic Love Stories is one of the unique narratives of loveandromanticpoems.com that appear in the archives page. Here, the depiction of romance, bliss and true love is a portrayal of true successful relationships and marriages. Anyone can relate and draw useful lessons and inspiration from these sweet stories to help their own relationships stride to perfect unison.

Parenting, Health and Guidance

In this page I offer practical parenting, health and guidance tips to parents and how they can bring up their youngsters. Here I explore a full detailed guide to parenting and counselling youngsters that is quite challenging since youngsters are exposed to many misconceptions. Parents can learn and draw from these examples to counsel and guide their youngsters.

Celebration of Curvy and Beautiful Women Photos

Here, we celebrate the photos of voluptuous, curvy beautiful women naturally endowed with curvaceous and hourglass figures. Explore these photos and join me in the celebration of these curvy beauties drawn from the whole globe as we thank God for being such a wonderful creator; we shall always praise him because we are fearfully and wonderfully created.