Your Coldness Taken Away

I'll take your coldness by the warmth in my bosom, under the romantic blanket, in a bed of red roses perfumed with a sweet aroma of our love, and romance - in the fragrance of our bodies; we shall be lost in each other until all our strength is gone, we shall snuggle, cuddle, and stroke each other so affectionately and playfully like puppies.
Me and you only honey - let us roll our strength, and all our sweetness, up into one ball, if we don't - then worms shall try our long preserved virginity when we're long dead; but since we're alive - my sweet love, I'll be your Bridegroom and you will be my beloved Bride - the darling of my sweet loyal heart, then shall we bond together forever in our love nest, and in all our holiday summits of love; where we shall all have live sessions of ministering sweet love to each other.
Let us roll our sweet passions in a romantic colourful wedding, that shall by haste try our long preserved virginity in a holy matrimony, in our marital sexy bed of fragrant roses; there shall we find warmth from cold, bliss and intimacy shall we exude, and faithfulness shall build our greatest trust in the inside of each other. Our love will then grow to higher degrees of bliss and romance that shall blossom and yield bumper harvests of sweet love ungatherably.

By Bishop Love

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