My Love Lullaby

Let me sing for you my love lullaby, of a sweet love song: d r m f s l t d, I love you so much. Don't mind the mist in my throat, for I sing you a romantic melody of love that flows from the umpteenth depth of the bottom of my heart; a gentle and royal heart that is comparable to yours.
Let me dance for you a sexy dance blended in the rhythm of the heart beats of our love; don't mind the drunken stupor in my foot, I dance you a rhythm of pure love - the hallmark of our true love and bliss, let me smile you a smile, from ear to ear, don't mind the curry powdered aroma in my breath - for I smile you a smile of true love.
Let me kiss you a holy kiss, devoid of infidelity and cheating, don't mind the bitter taste on my tongue; for my holy kiss bespeaks of a taste of true love. Let me caress and cuddle you gently, as I sing for you a sweet love lullaby, that expresses the ceaseless pursuits of my heart, for our sweet love screwing summits in the warmth of our bodies.

By Bishop Love

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