Reasons For My Passionate Love For You

Reasons for my passionate love for are many: I love you for your twin towered breasts and angelic face, your skin is decorated with the code of Adams, your skin is brown as a berry,for you're my only pretty tender brown hubby. Your lips are juicy and sweet as fresh pineapple juice. If wishes were horses all suitors would ride; this is why I long for the moment we would forever be together in our love nest, when I close my eyes, I only imagine you. Like a lover's smile at the rainbow's end, I always see you in my dreams.
Your hair is mussed into straight black beauty tendrils; a result of the artistic cosmetics, for you're the apple of my eyes. I love your soft and spongy-like body; for it is a body of an embodiment blended and joined with mine into one ball of love and bliss - the hallmark of our magnetised romance, and sweet love that spreads and grows ungatherably like magic bean creepers in the thicket of grassy woodland. 
As the blood red sun rises in the morning and rolls beneath the hills as it sets in the evening, so do I have fresh and strong love for you that is so strong like the rising and setting sun. As the gentle evening breeze hisses gently and sends forth an aura of serenity, so is my heart at peace with loving you. Your skin is toned with chocolate brown complexion. I love your flirting and winsome smile that enlightens my soul by taking away all my day's sorrows and worries. For I love you passionately.

By Bishop Love

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