The Darling of My Heart

My fountain is blessed and I rejoice with the darling of my heart. As a loving deer and a graceful charming princess; I will always be satisfied at all times with your breasts and more over, I will be intoxicated with your love. I will lay between your gigantic and mammoth pillowy breasts at all times, where I will snug as a bug in a rug as we become glued to each other; enjoying many nights of romantic sessions for endless days and decades. Alas! You will have a lifetime of true love, fulfillment and enjoyment.
The lips of the darling of my heart are like a scarlet thread, and her mouth is lovely. The fragrance of her body is better than any spice! The aroma of her fragrance is a sweet air freshener that is made up with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume. Her lips drip nectar and honey. Everyday and all the time I am locked up in a horde of brooding sweet endless thoughts about you, the true darling of my heart. My love for you will always be unceasing and as persistent as a mosquito bite 

By Bishop Love

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