” Tick-tock-tick-tick,” it was 8:00 am when the sun was beginning to become slightly stronger, which sent me sun bathing, as I was cosily seated on our home ramshackle bamboo chair on the balcony of our storeyed building deeply grossed in a horde of thoughts; about my hand in glove boyfriend – Kushen, when I hard a loud knock on the door in flash of light, something that propelled me to stride to the portal in a twinkle of an eye to find out whoever was at the door. On opening the door, excitement bubbled in my heart like a pot of oil on fire when I saw Kushen with an invitation card requesting me to go with him for an outing. As it is always said, ” where there’s a will there’s away,” I found myself already willingly accepting the invite because I was already smitten by him and since his absence made my heart grow fonder. I also found out that we were meant for each other, for I am his princess charming. I instantly without further delay accompanied my handsome hand in glove boyfriend – the darling of my heart to the beach at the eleventh hour. In fact, I had not gone for an outing with a man for donkey’s years, and it was a great moment to behold once in a blue moon. While at the beach, he took my hand and led me under the intimate cashew boughs. I jumped and plucked the nuts for him to suck while smiling and he too did the same to me. I sung for him, laughed, and enjoyed every moment while pressing closer to each other that left me feeling spick and span.

He glanced at me and said, ” your eyes are like a pair of brown-black beans floating in milk, juicy and round as plantain shoots.” This romantic compliment propelled me to lolly and rest my pillowy breasts in his chest in a tight embrace leaving me feeling snug as a bug in a rug which confirmed the strength of our sweetly charged love affairs. He told me that roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so is you; for you’re the apple of my eyes. This caused me to burst into a loud applause of excitement and joy which sent my melodious voice to the sky like a bolt of thunder. He further told me that my throat utters fresh banana juice which marched my dogy face that is smooth and banana ripe. I felt head over heels in love with him. No sooner where we done with the outing at the beach, than we promised each other marriage and to soon walk down the aisle together since where there’s a will there’s away. This prompted him to embrace me so tightly into his cushion chest while whispering to me the following sweet nothings of love assurance, ” I love you, I adore you, I am totally into you, you’re my angel, do you know that we’re perfect for each other? You can’t deny what is between us that is why we have good chemistry. ” We finally exchanged contacts and presumptuously fixed a date for our introduction and wedding, hence adding significant weight and magnitude to the fact that where there’s a will there’s away.

By Bishop Love

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