Just Let Me

Let me love you with a love so pure and holy, and as fresh as the morning of a summer holiday, let me love you with a love so soft as the bud of a pure red virgin rose. Let me lick your sweet tongue and suckle your yummy breasts with a love so holy and divinely ordained that is devoid of infidelity, and cheating, a love so sweet and pure.
Let me love you and cuddle you with a love so divine that nobody can put asunder so that we fulfill the saying " let no man separate what God has joined " let me love you with a love that is so deepened and widened, a love deeper than the oceans and the seas; and higher than the mountains and ebony skies. And still my dearest, my love for you will be relentless and endless, just let me love you.
Let me explode the aroma of my sweet love for you with a tremendous cascades of the flames of love and bliss, that will flicker with a force so strong that no one can break, and will stand the taste of time. Let me love you like a treasured possession that no gold can compare, and protect you with my sweet love affections like a hen protecting her chicks from eagles and devourers; just let me love you.

By Bishop Love

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