She Loves Me

As the fronds tossed and fluttered from the windward side of the sea beach, I saw my sweet lover walking under the cluster of sweet cashew nuts and flavoured brown berries. She jumped and plucked the nuts for me to suck and berries to eat, she sung and pressed closer while cat walking rhythmically.
She told me she loved me and then held me at close proximity to her flapping and mammoth breasts. She gave me a sweet lovey-dovey hug that was so tight and spongy. She sweetly kissed the bile in my lips, and she assuredly told me further that she loves me.
Her right hand pointed connotatively to the near end of the sea beach where we could see needle-like reeds, upon which was a banner written: " I love you more. " She dedicated this banner to me, and I thanked her for loving me sweetly and always being there for me.

By Bishop Love
She loves me

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