Parting Is Sweet Sorrow

Whenever I see you, I want to cling unto you, I want to hold you close to myself, your love is a sweet pain killer that soothes my sick heart for true love. Like a healing remedy is your love that it neutralizes the pain and sickness that has burdened my body. To keep you by my side fills all my schemes, my love for you is as pure as a green winter moss that flourishes in the middle of a snowy winter season and whenever you leave, parting becomes such a sweet sorrow.
Each time we meet I want to embrace you endlessly because I am head over heels in love with you, and because of you I often find that every dark cloud has a silver lining that gives me a brighter hope for tomorrow. I love that you confide in me and I in you. For you fit into me perfectly like a symmetrical object, your sweet smile, yummy lips and smooth face that matches your curvaceous hourglass figure toned in a brown-berry complexion is a soothing remedy to my sick heart for true love. My love for you is as persistent as a mosquito bite at sunset to dawn, which makes parting such a sweet sorrow.
When I miss to see you, for a week, it is like I have missed you for donkey's years. Honey, let us be closer to our hearts in love and bliss, pain and suffering, joy and peace. We should roll all our passions into one ball in a matrimonial wedding that shall by haste join our flesh into oneness, where you shall became bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, and parting shall never be a sweet sorrow again but a temporal departure where at nightfall we retire to the blanket of our sweet romantic love.

By Bishop Love

One thought on “Parting Is Sweet Sorrow

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    Everyday I love the sweetness with which we exchange significant love glances that are as persistent as a mosquito bite, and let’s hold each other so tightly that we remain in such a romantic posture as long as we want and parting will never be search a sweet sorrow to behold. Come on darling, let’s walk our love’s day by the sandy beaches and retire in our romantic bed of rose flowers for our consummation plan, and my sweet Honey when you go away for while, remember to return to our love nest where we shall cuddle and stroke each other so affectionately and remain there that parting will never be such a sweet sorrow.


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