You Are So Sweet And Lovely!

Sitting cosily in my ramshackle bamboo chair at the balcony of our romantic storeyed cottage, I was locked up in brooding thoughts of our blissful and romantic night of sweet love encounter with you honey. I remembered how you held me at close proximity to your gigantic and mammoth breasts and kissed me  with the sweet kisses of your yummy lips and tongue; for you're so sweet and lovely that I long to have you more and more everyday, anyway, and anywhere. I am deeply smitten and engrossed by the sweetness of your body. 
Though you may be a thousand miles from me. I will always stride to the portal of our storeyed cottage to receive and have you into my bosom so that we get lost into each other. when I always see you, excitement bubbled in my heart like the roaring of waterfalls. Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so is you; for you're so desirable and sweet to the taste.
Everyday and all the time I am locked up in a horde of sweet imaginative thoughts about you, sometimes in my imagination I behold you walking in a transparent purple night dress, at times in a scarlet romantic dress; you're so beautiful my love, your eyes are so sexy and are like a pair of bluish bean seed floating in milk. For you're so sweet and lovely. You're the sexy den of sweetness and the true delectable Miss Sweetie. I love you big time.

By Bishop Love

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