If Only She Knew

If only she knew I was her secret lover and admirer, she would hug and kiss me endlessly to disclose the secrecy. She has a special and peculiar way of turning around my terrible day. When I look at her ensnaring sexy eyes, I see pure lovely beauty with no disguise. When I look at her humble face; I see pure love and innocence. Just a glance at her makes the rhythms of my heartbeats rise!

If only she knew how much my love for her grew like an excellent tuber in the ground. She wouldn't shrug me off but dance to the tune of my magnificent advances - she would consider returning my love glances, gestures and body language. She would readily accept to cuddle and stroke me so affectionately; she would roll and pile her gigantic mammoth breasts onto my cushion like chest in a perfect quagmire of true sweet love. I'll hunt for her before I go out of style. 

By Bishop Love

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